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Duct Cleaning: How Much Does it Cost? in Sarasota 2021

Factors that determine how much you’ll pay for your Duct Cleaning

  1. The size of your home
  2. Location of your ducts
  3. How dirty your ducts are
  4. The contractor you hire

Let’s go into more detail about each of these factors… 

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Duct Cleaning

Factors that affect the cost of air duct cleaning

#1: The size of your home

The bigger your home, the more expensive the cleaning will be. That’s because a bigger home will have more ductwork than a smaller home, so it will take longer to clean.

Most residential duct cleaners charge about $30–$40 to clean 1 supply vent (and the ductwork that connects to it). So, if your home is bigger, and you have 15+ vents, the cost will be on the upper end of the price range.

#2: The location of your ducts

Most ductwork is found in your attic and ceilings and is fairly easy to access. But if your ducts are in a difficult-to-reach crawlspace or behind walls the job will most likely cost more because of the difficulty of reaching various parts of the ducts.

#3: How dirty your ducts are

The dirtier your ducts, the longer it will take to clean them. The duct cleaner may also have to use special equipment to eliminate excessive buildup of dust and debris, which could increase the cost of the cleaning.

Signs you have dirty ducts include:

  • You visibly see dust blowing from the vents
  • You notice more dust settling on furniture near vents
  • You or a family member have increased allergies
  • Your air filter gets dirty frequently
  • There’s weak airflow coming from your supply vents

#4: The contractor you hire

This is the biggest—and most important—factor to consider when you’re ready to have your ducts cleaned.

Higher quality contractors are often more expensive, but here’s the thing: you get what you pay for. Higher priced contractors often provide solid guarantees and do excellent work. 

On the flip side, if you hire a lower-priced contractor that doesn’t do good work, not only will you waste money, but you may face additional issues. 

A bad contractor can create problems like…

  • Releasing dust from your ducts into your home
  • Damaging your ductwork through carelessness
  • Causing harm to walls and ceilings

Beware of these duct cleaning red flags

To help you avoid hiring the WRONG air duct cleaner, we’ll share some warning signs. If the contractor shows any of these signs, just don’t hire them!

  • The contractor offers a super low price. Some companies will offer a low intro price, like a “$99 whole-house duct cleaning special,” but remember—you get what you pay for. Lower priced contractors usually do less quality work. Our advice is to stick with a duct cleaning service in the $500 to $700 range. 
  • The contractor does a bait-n-switch. Unfortunately, some contractors will come in one price (usually really low) and then AFTER the work is done, they’ll charge you more for other “problems” that they find. If you think the problems could be valid, get a second opinion before you shell out a lot of money for repairs or extra cleaning. Also, make sure to get a written estimate from the contractor ahead of time so there won’t be any hidden fees.
  • The contractor doesn’t follow NADCA guidelines. Before you hire a contractor, ask them to provide a written estimate of what they’ll do. Then, look over these NADCA duct cleaning guidelines and make sure they match up, or else don’t hire them.
  • The contractor doesn’t offer a free inspection or a written estimate. A contractor should always be bound to their word, so it’s important to obtain a written estimate of the job before you hire them. And if a contractor starts charging for estimates, look elsewhere because there are plenty of others who don’t. 
  • The contractor isn’t insured. Unfortunately, if a contractor isn’t insured and an accident happens on the job, you’re held responsible. And that can be an expensive nightmare. So, ask the contractor what insurance carrier covers them. Then, contact the insurance carrier and ask for a written certificate of insurance that proves the contractor has liability and worker’s compensation insurance.
  • The contractor isn’t licensedFlorida law requires duct cleaners to be licensed by the Department of Business & Professional Regulation (DBPR). Before hiring a contractor, visit the Florida DBPR page and search for the contractor’s name. Then, you’ll see what type of license they have. Florida duct cleaners need to be certified as…
  • A class A air-conditioning contractor, A class B air-conditioning contractor, Mechanical contractor
  • The contractor has poor customer service reviews. If they didn’t leave other customers satisfied, then they probably won’t leave you satisfied either.

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