How Do I Keep My Duct Work Clean After Air Duct Cleaning in Myakka City, FL?

 To help manage dust and dirt, significantly reduce the allergens in the air, and keep your family healthy, according to the Environmental Protection Agency, you need proper air duct maintenance.  With indoor air pollution that can even be fatal in severe cases, there are a whole host of both environmental and health risks associated with dirty air ducts.  To help maintain better air quality for everyone that is exposed, it is essential that the air ducts for your home or business be cleaned every few years.   We at King Ray Air Duct Cleaning would like to offer tips to help keep the ducts cleaner in between professional air duct cleaning services. 

Regularly Clean or Change Air Filters  

Air filter replacement is stressed for a many reasons by a number of industries.  At least once a month, you need to clean the filters on a routine basis.   If you live in a home with pets, or if you have residents with a weakened immune system, such as asthma and allergies among others, you may need to switch out your filter more frequently.  Over encumbered filters hinder the indoor air quality and decrease the efficiency of the HVAC system, energy use, and operating cost. 

How Do You Prepare for Cleaning? 

If you don’t take the time to dust off the supply registers and cover them as you dust the home, the dust stirred into the air can slip through the supply registers. Lift up your supply register and wrap it in a paper towel.  To keep the dust moving and avoid it from getting trapped, make certain to set the thermostat to the fan setting while cleaning.  While you’re cleaning, let the fan be all that is on to protect the ducts from absorbing excessive dust, turn off the “heat/cool” option as well.   You can reposition the thermostat as you like after you are done cleaning. 

Maintain Clean Registers

In order better remove the dust around the supply registers, use a vacuum.   Use the vacuum’s hose to work with the fan that’s already pushing the dust through the ducts to suction as much as the excess debris as possible as close to the supply register as is possible.  Extend the hose as far as you can reach.  Clean between the vents of your supply register with a toilet brush you designate to cleaning the air ducts.  Remove and discard the paper towels you used throughout the cleaning process in outside receptacle as quickly as possible once you finished.  

Clean Blower Compartment. 

Another important maintenance step is efficient care of your blower compartment.   The power to your HVAC system needs to be completely shut off when you clean the compartment.  Remove the panels and vacuum the compartment in addition to the panels from the front of the furnace.   The dust and debris from the surface area can be removed with the vacuum’s hose.  Avoid skipping this step since the majority of the dust and debris in your home likes to accumulate in the blower compartment.   With a toothbrush or a paintbrush for extra points in cleaning maintenance, thoroughly clean your furnace fan.  

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