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An investigation done by U.S. Natural Protection Agency specialists estimated dust levels and HVAC system effectiveness in test homes during a one-week time frame during the cooling season and discovered duct cleaning didn’t altogether improve dust levels or system execution. In light of that report and other autonomous exploration, Duct Cleaning Services, the EPA’s true warning on duct cleaning closes.

“Air Duct Cleaning has never been appeared to really forestall health issues. Neither do concentrates definitively exhibit that molecule (for example dust) levels in homes increment in light of filthy air ducts. This is on the grounds that a large part of the soil in air ducts sticks to duct surfaces and doesn’t really enter the living space. . . . Besides, there is no proof that a light measure of family dust or other particulate matter in air ducts represents any danger to your health.” Duct Cleaning Services. The Canada Mortgage and Housing Corporation (CMHC), an administration office, conducted an examination during the 1990s to explore two cases: Duct cleaning makes indoor air healthier; and it lessens energy costs by improving airflow.

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Call King Ray Air Duct Cleaning Heating & Cooling for professional duct cleaning services in Sarasota or the surrounding areas. We use Rotobrush’s patented technology to provide comprehensive duct cleaning services, which can provide more efficient heating and cooling system and better indoor air quality.

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King Ray Air Duct Cleaning BENEFITS

When the air circulates throughout your home, it must first move through the ductwork, and if the air ducts have any contaminants, such as residues from construction materials, mold growth, dirt, dust, or rodent infestations,

Your home could be exposed to indoor air pollutants. Installing an air filtration system will help, but you can supplement air cleaners and UV germicidal lights with a professional duct cleaning service from us.

In addition to providing cleaner air inside your home, duct cleaning can also improve airflow in your duct system. Proper airflow can also help maintain optimal efficiency in your heating and cooling system. Because our technicians are trained in the latest Rotobrush technology, we can clean even the most remote and hard to reach areas of your ductwork. The brush design also includes a powerful vacuum system so that there’s no mess left behind. Call us today to learn more about the benefits of a duct cleaning service from King Ray Air Duct Cleaning

Rotobrush air duct cleaning technology

King Ray Air Duct Cleaning provides some of the most comprehensive duct cleaning services. We feature the Rotobrush air duct cleaning system, which has been the air duct industry leader for almost 26 years. Our technicians keep up with the latest advances in Rotobrush technology, and we believe this system provides some of the most effective and efficient air duct cleaning for Florida homeowners.

Rotobrush’s powerful patented brush–and–vacuum method and removable pod design allows our qualified technicians to get to the most hard to reach places. Homeowners prefer Rotobrush 2 to 1 over the competing air duct cleaning systems, and our customers are always pleased with the results.

If you want the most comprehensive duct cleaning for your home, call King Ray Air Duct Cleaning and ask about our quality products and air duct cleaning services.


For professional duct cleaning in Sarasota or Tampa are in the surrounding areas, call King Ray Air Duct Cleaning. Our technicians are trained to provide a thorough duct cleaning, and when we use the Rotobrush technology, you know that every part of your ductwork will be cleaned and inspected.

Don’t hire a contractor that isn’t qualified to use the proper equipment. You could be over–paying for sub–par services that will not ensure a proper cleaning. Call us any time you have questions about our duct cleaning services. Don’t settle for less while paying for more. Call us today!